The number of energy communities is likely to strongly grow following the EU’s decision to promote them. This allows communities to produce and consume their own local energy. However, community members currently do not know when local renewable energy is available from within the community.

That’s where the Community Forecaster comes in.

It will indicate up to two days ahead when is the greenest time to consume energy. Traffic lights will indicate when is the best time to use electrical appliances or charge an Electric Vehicle. It will allow the community to increase its self-sustainability.


The tool will collect digital meter data of producers and consumers in the community through the IO.E platform. It will also collect renewable energy production forecasts from third parties. On this basis it will forecast electricity production and consumption up to 2 days ahead. This forecast will be made available to the community members through a smartphone app. On a regular basis, individual and community reports will also be made available.


1 | Digital meter data

Data from the digital meter are transmitted via the DSO or a GreenWatch gateway to the back-end data storage via the IO.E platform.

2 | Forecast algorithm

Using renewable energy production forecasts and the historical meter data of the community members, a forecast will be made of production and consumption.

3 | App

A visual representation will be provided of the 48 hour forecast as well as indications when is the greenest time to consume energy.

4 | Reports

Reports will be available through the app and online at the individual and community level.


Sam Debaveye Fluvius

Jérôme Kervyn de Meerendré GreenWatch

Kirsten Loncke Fluvius

Julien Pelletier GreenWatch

Peter Vandendriessche Finesco


Finesco is a Belgian developer of energy projects, focused on energy efficiency, local renewable energy production and flexibility. We are experts in energy markets, business development and project management.

Finesco will be responsible for the project management and take care of the relationship management with the renewable energy communities.

Fluvius is the Distribution System Operator for Flanders, with the mission to sustainably connect society through multi-utility solutions.

Fluvius is the independent data operator and its cooperation and contribution can be found in its role as data provider, facilitator, advisor and expert.

GreenWatch develops technologies that allow the management of data flows in real time. Whether that’s collating, transmitting or using them to inform decisions. We use these systems primarily for managing and monitoring connected devices, such as solar power installations, home automations and smart grids, in a reliable and secure way.

GreenWatch will develop the hardware and software solutions for the project.