The IO.Energy Ecosystem Ideation Closing

5 months ago, we kicked off the IO.Energy Ecosystem and yesterday, Monday, June 24th, 150 people, 60 organizations gathered at Flagey to attend the wrap event for IO.Energy’s ideation phase, the 2nd major get-togethers for this project.

8 groups selected by an independent panel of specialists, pitched their great ideas which all help to shape the energy landscape of the future! These new ideas will now be tested in the IO.Energy Ecosystem to demonstrate their relevance and added value for consumers.

The ideation phase was a resounding success, and the high level of participation at this early stage is a very promising sign for the rest of the project!

Now, the sandboxing phase can get underway.

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You can find below all documents related to the IO.Energy Ecosystem Ideation Closing: agenda, participants list, flyer, press release…

Ideation Closing Agenda

Participants list

Flyer: we work on the energy system of tomorrow

Press Release EN

The IO.Energy Ecosystem Kick-Off

Thank you for attending the IO.Energy Ecosystem Kick-Off.

We hope you enjoyed the kick-off and left invigorated, inspired, enthusiastic by open innovation!

As explained during the parallel info session, you can find below all documents related to the IO.Energy Ecosystem Kick off: agenda, info paper, slides, and participants list.

Kick-off Agenda

Info Paper

Participants list

Platform Workshop

Get a first glance of the technical specifications of the communication platform by Sébastien Rousseaux, Elia Group

Use cases Workshop

Exchange on new energy business models and get a view on possible IO.E use cases by Manuel Galvez, Elia Group, & Manoël Rekinger, Elia Group

Ideation Workshop

Understand the full process of the Design Sprint by Béatrice de Mahieu, Co.Station, & Sébastian Matoso, Co.Station

Press Release EN

Press Release FR

Press Release NL

The IO.Energy Ecosystem Application

We’re delighted to know that you want to enter the IO.Energy Ecosystem, an open innovation ecosystem built and facilitated by system operators for market parties to develop the energy services of tomorrow.

To officially, enter the ecosystem:

  1. Please download the Application form and the Rules of Engagements – supported by all Belgian System Operators,
  2. Read them carefully and choose your engagement levels between Megawatt and Gigawatt package,
  3. Fill in the Application form
  4. Send back the document to before March 1st, 2019.

Application Form

Rules of Engagement

For all questions in regard to the IO.Energy Ecosystem, please contact:

Chief Innovation Officer ・ Co.Station | +32 (0) 496 59 23 05