Many consumers do not feel completely comfortable when they look at their energy consumption. Is their consumption (ab)normal, they often wonder. Most of the time, consumers are unaware of the steps they can take themselves to optimise their use. Saving energy seems to be reserved only for those who with the means to have solar panel installed or the placement of a water pump.

With Maka, we strive to get the consumer back in the driver’s seat when it comes to energy optimisation.


Maka shows that small, often free interventions can make a difference. More specific, Maka aims to be the number one platform that builds a community around energy consumption. Similar apps flourish in different domains, where users stimulate and encourage each other with tips.

To gain access to said services, people are willing to share their (personal) data, such as their location or other demographics. These are valuable for companies, in order to tailor their offerings even better to this user.


1 | Free of charge

The platform will be easily accessible and will be available, completely free of charge to address a large community without any obligations. A large group of motivated users will enable the platform to offer personal benchmarking.

2 | Benchmark your consumption

This personal benchmark gives the consumer a tool to investigate his own use. The more information he shares about his household situation, the more accurate the findings are.

3 |Community support

In addition, the platform also offers the opportunity to evaluate the community itself. Similar households are matched to each other, in order to share mutual findings and to learn from each other which daily changes made an impact on their energy bill. Chat functions make it possible to offer each other social support.

The platform also offers some added services to further support customers in their energy efficiency through online personal coaching.


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