Since January 2019, the IO.Energy Ecosystem has started an innovation journey to drive the power system towards consumer centricity. 124 people from 60+ Gigawatt members participated to an ideation process facilitated by the Belgian system operators and Co.Station to co-create use cases, pioneering consumer-centric energy services.

Together, we build the energy system of tomorrow because we believe we are on the verge of a new area in which the energy system will be heavily transformed at its core and consumers seeking for tailor-made services. In this new era, value will be created for consumers if electricity is fully turned into a service.

Together, we have set the ground for several innovative business models which aim at unlocking the value potential of e-mobility, energy communities, flexible assets & from smart building for consumers.

As an ecosystem, we have the ambition to co-create and deliver the new energy services consumers seek for.

Below, you will discover the first 7 use-cases creating through the IO.E initiative.

Clean Energy Forecaster | Consuming local and clean energy as a smart community? Here is your guide.

CLEF enable smart communities to optimize the consumption of clean energy produced locally.

CLEF project with analyzing and sharing an accurate and reliable forecast within the community allow the shift to a carbon-neutral energy system by enhancing the flexibility of (pro-) consumers at the residential areas.


Community Forecaster | Like a weather forecast, it indicates the greenest time to consume energy

Renewable energy communities aim to produce and consume their own local energy. However, community members do not know when local renewable energy is available from within the community.

That’s where the Community Forecaster app comes in!

It indicates up to 48 days ahead when is the greenest time to consume energy. Traffic lights will indicate when is the best time to use electrical appliances or charge an Electric Vehicle. It will allow renewable energy communities to increase their self-sustainability.


Enleash | Unlocks and valorizes the energy potential in large commercial real estate

Enleash is a journey initiated by driven and complementary partners from different industries and sizes. The common starting point of this journey is the partners’ shared acknowledgement of the importance of comfort levels in buildings and of the energy efficiency potential of those buildings.

By combining these two elements, Enleash creates cross-sector value for various stakeholders, while ensuring the consumer is at the center of the future electrical system.


Flexity | Enabling end-consumer to contribute in the energy transition

FLEXITY enables end-consumer to participate in the energy transition by unlocking flexibility at household level. Domestic consumption is optimized based on time of use principles and additional value is generated by participation in various market segments (wholesale, balancing).

Find out more on our dedicated page!


Maka | Empowering the consumer towards energy efficiency.

Many consumers do not feel completely comfortable when they look at their energy consumption. Is their consumption (ab)normal, they often wonder. Most of the time, consumers are unaware of the steps they can take themselves to optimise their use. Saving energy seems to be reserved only for those who with the means to have solar panel installed or the placement of a water pump.

With Maka, we strive to get the consumer back in the driver’s seat when it comes to energy optimisation.


Sensa | Define your comfort,​ we take care of the rest​

Electricity landscape is a pretty complex to understand if you are not working daily on it.

Sensa project envisions to give back the control of their electricity bill to consumers and prosumers. The idea of Sensa project is to develop a version 2.0 of the day/night tariff, real-time , incentivizing the consumers to support the system needs.

From the users perspective, the principle is pretty easy and we accompany you from A to Z … have look!


Soteria | We unlock your residential flexibility in a grid-secure way

The Soteria concept brings existing and new building blocks together: A new market is created where flexibility providers send their aggregated bids including locational information and system operators share their grid constraints forecasts in advance.

A market clearing algorithm calculates the most beneficial solution for all stakeholders and takes the physical grid boundaries as a starting point. In doing so, Soteria is the key to unlocking large amounts of flexibility in our homes, while securing a qualitative delivery of electricity to all consumers.


Sunshare | Enabler of Energy Communities

The Sunshare use case objective is to implement software solutions to support the management of a Renewable Energy Community: from the collection of smart meter information to the issuing of invoices.

A focus is especially made on the best way to split the metering among participants in order to secure a maximum use of the local production.