One could never have imagined all the applications that would be built on the internet and how much it would transform our lives. The Energy Transition is at that stage.

Let’s travel back in time. Before the internet, only some publishing houses and newspapers had the privilege to feed us with information and stories. Today, most of us consume, at least, as much content produced by our peers on Twitter and Instagram than official books or newspaper articles.

The Democratization of Knowledge

By decentralizing the sources of information and opening its access to the common people, the Internet is at the origin of the democratization of knowledge.

Can you picture a world where we would consume more energy produced by the solar panels of our neighbors than by large energy corporations? Is that possible and would it lead to better services and democratization of energy?

Digitalization and the multiplication of flexible assets have paved the way for the birth of services that one does not imagine yet.

The I.O Energy Ecosystem

Just like great minds came together, decades ago, to optimize information flows amongst people, the members of the Internet of Energy Ecosystem came together on Feb 21st to kicked-off a similar journey.

To achieve the energy transition, energy companies, technology enablers, and prosumers will have to work hand-in-hand. Indeed these various types of actors are the driving forces behind the 3 keys to success: cross-sector collaboration, digitalization and, most of all, customer-centricity.

“The focus should be, on the one hand, on the end consumer, the affordability of this energy but also on changing the whole system. The innovation, new solutions, knowledge sharing have to play a role and come up with solutions for the future.” Philippe De Backer, Minister of Digital Agenda

To discover more about this revolutionary initiative, have a look at the Kanaal Z — Canal Z report: